Oriental Rug Cleaning Jupiter

Persian Carpet Cleaning Jupiter: Safe Cleaning Approach

Persian Carpet Cleaning Jupiter

With the passage of time, Persian carpets will accumulate dirt and dust and these will slowly go down deep into the fibers, thus producing rug stains. Regular cleaning and dusting will not be enough to stop the stubborn and embedded dirt and stains from ruining the rug. This requires Persian carpet cleaning Jupiter. These floor pieces have to be washed properly and thoroughly in order to keep them clean and beautiful for a very long time. Plus, they are known to be expensive so it is only right to protect your investment.

The Beauty of Persian Carpet

Having a Persian carpet at home can give any room a touch of style, comfort and warmth. These carpets give your feet added cushioning as you walk around the room. They make the room warmer with their materials, especially those made of wool. The intricate patterns and designs give an air of luxury to any area they are placed.

Indeed, these carpets are very pleasing to the eyes. In order to make Persian carpets last long and look good, they have to be given proper care and maintenance. On the homeowner’s end, regular vacuuming can keep them clean and free from dirt. Spot cleaning on stains, pet waste and other foreign objects will keep the carpet looking great.

Our Vast Experience

Carpet cleaning and washing should be done by professionals like us at Oriental rug cleaning in Jupiter. We have a vast experience in cleaning so you can entrust your Persian carpet to us. We will give it the safest, gentlest wash while being tough on dirt and stains. Our years in the industry have helped us develop a five-step cleaning process which begins with dusting, where we use a special dusting machine that blows away all the surface dust. It is like a vacuum cleaner; the only difference is the direction of the air.

The second step is washing by hand. Yes, you did not just read a typographical error. We will wash your carpet and rug using our hands. Primitive and slow paced, you may say, but we can guarantee you that a Persian carpet will last longer if it is washed by hand. The reason behind this is that we know how harsh washing machines can be on carpets. In fact, there is a great chance that your carpet will be deformed after coming out of the machine.

The third step is soft water rinse where we let soft water flow freely through the carpet. This is an important part of Persian carpet cleaning in Jupiter because it ensures that all the detergent and water that were used in the washing process are completely removed. The next step is drying, where we hang your carpet in a temperature-controlled room overnight to guarantee a totally dried Persian carpet.

Finally, we will clean the fringes using a special edge tool to bring back the carpet’s original beauty. Your fringes will look white and vivid. In case we notice any damage, we can repair your rug, too. This is how we care for your rugs. Let us do the Persian carpet cleaning in Jupiter for you. Check www.orientalrugcleaningjupiter.com.